Puelo River

Puelo River


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Lower River Puelo

The lower river Puelo stretches from the town of the same name Lake Tagua Tagua and is a superhiway for migratory salmonids and big resident predator trout. From the Reloncavi Estuary throughout the tidal effected lower stretches, big Bows and Browns patrol the riffles and runs all year round seeking the unwary smolts and other migrating baitfish, in addition to the pancoras crabs and midsummer insect life. Add in the runs of Coho, Atlantic, Steelhead and Chinook salmon. that constantly move through these wáter and the seasonal specialists to help you find and catch them and the fishing gets very interesting.

This is big river fishing with only a few tributaries on the lower stretch, but you’ll never run out of water. Most times of year, boats are necessary due to difficult access and our well seasoned guides can move you to countless spots up and down the Lower River, hunting your quarry of choice.

From small, locally raised, hosts and lodging with 4 angler capacity, to large hotel accomodation with room for up to 20 guests, WIFI and Gameroom, we have the right spot for your needs on the Puelo.

Upper River Puelo

Above the cristal clear Lake Tagua Tagua, the watershed of the great Puelo diversifies into numerous tributary streams, with legendary names ringing through fishing yarns of as many languages as years. The fishing on this stretch is more focussed on resident trout, with lighter equipment and tactics to suit. Nymphs and streamers during the day and an evening hatch with some dry fly action are the tonic, though the jumping salmon in some areas make for an interesting distraction. The valley itself is as breathtaking as the fishing.

The trout tend to move into the shorelines, braids and tributaries to get out of the way of the salmon, and big fish can be found in small water. So close to the saltwater sound, the migratory fish are usually bright throughout the upper mainstem of the Puelo, and are always a possibility.

We have varied lodging on the upper Puelo as well, from comfortable cabins attended by seasonal staff, to a gran hotel hideaway for couples or heads of state, sneaking a bit of strategic quiet time.

Tell us what you’re after and well show you the options!!!

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Photos Courtesy of Srs. Brian O’Keefe and Steve Choate

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