Baker and Cochrane River

Baker and Cochrane River

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Deep in the Chilean Patagonia

The Rio Baker

Born from the largest lake in the Patagonia(Lake General Carrera), the largest river in Patagonia (The Rio Baker)has trout fishing to match. Turquoise waters of the Baker leave noone unmoved and the road through the Chilean Patagonia to your destination is the best way to get a feel for this vast unsettled land. Everything is big in Patagonia—the landscapes and the fishing.

A turquoise torrent born in the glacial fed but extremely productive nearby Lake Bertrand, the Baker rocks through the first mile, with ten foot standing waves, and boulder strewn banks before mellowing out in a fish filled island strewn flat. All that current and power makes Baker Bows and Browns some of the hardest fighting fish in the country. And this is a fishy country.

The Big Baker is in constant change through the season. From a sky blue filled to the brim giant, to a multichannel gravel and sand bar braid, the river is always fishable and full of aquatic life, and trout.
The rainbows await the caddis hatch and turn the river to a boil in an instant….and the ambush Browns stalk the shorelines for any critter straying from the shallows, even fish of modest size press their advantage in the current.

Río Cochrane

The gin clear waters of the Rio Cochrane hide little. And that’s the challenge…you will see the monster trout, but they see as well. This cast-across river is one to wade by braille while you get used to the clarity—or float your hat. The Cochrane is also a test of strategy and technique, but with some help from a guide, and just a touch of luck, you might connect you with the fish of dreams.

As both rivers flow from big patagonian lakes, for the flyfisher of still waters, this área is almost Paradise….but just because you can see the giants cruising the shallows, doesn’t mean that you can hook or land them.

The lodge is on the banks of one of the most productive stretches of the Baker. With a dining room to look forward to, and world class infrastructure, all lodge windows watch and listen to the passing of one of the last giants of the Patagonia….for a little longer.

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