Jurassic Lake and River

Jurassic Lake and River

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Jurassic Lake or Lago Strobel is simply the best rainbow trout fishery in the world, who’s fame was always mentioned together with the sacrifice required to actually get there and fish it. Now, thanks to a well run operation built and run by its owners, the travelling angler can focus on the fishing.

Río Barrancoso

With two runs of lake Steelhead, this is the only spawing tributary for one of the most productive biosystems for Rainbows on the continent. As the Ranch boasts exclusive access to over 14 kilometers of this river, within walking distance of the lodge, guests enjoy sight fishing in a small, manageable river for giant rainbows.

Chain Lakes

15 stocked lakes with some f the finest certified organic Patagonian rainbows, brown and brook trout to 8 pounds means that when the Pampa wind blows(and it does blow!) it doesn’t matter how many anglers are in the lodge or your group,..there is always a great new spot to fish during your stay. And fish well.

Jurassic Lake

Over 20 kilometers of the southern shore and the more protected bays of the famous Lake Strobel, accesable only via the quad motos from the ranch, means that every day on the lake is a new experience in giant trout. With WindGuru providing the data, the guides from the lodge choose the best bays for each fishing day on the big lake. On those special days you will be sight fishing for rainbows to 20 pounds…on any given day you can land the biggest rainbow of your life in a biosystem based on a high protein supergrowth formula. A five pound average fish at the start of the season becomes a seven pounder by seasons end, and is just an average-a Jurassic Average.

The Ranch

Dedicated to providing a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in a land of stark contrasts and tough weather, hot water, electricity, and gourmet cuisine and well selected wines reward guests after a great day of fishing. Quad motos take anglers not only to great fishing day after day, but to archeological sites of the pre Colombian nomadic cultures that followed the guanaco and emu herds long before the arrival of the giant trout .. or those who chase them.

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