Confluence of the Giants

Confluence of the Giants

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Best of the best!

There’s no better location in the world than Coyhaique for great trout fishing.  And there’s no better spot in Coyhaique then our pick, less than a mile away from the confluence of the great Rio Simpson and the Rio Manihuales and Emperador Guillermo.  Stay here and you’ll be the first on the wáter and the last off, AFTER  the evening hatch—and still only 10 minutes away from the days end pisco sour, at this well appointed, comfortable, high bank, lodge.

Rainbows and Browns come to the size 16 and 18 dry flies riding the foam lines, or the noisy splash of the size 4 fat Albert—let your  guide tell you which.  With the latest in floating toys and the muscles and knowledge to get you in range, your drift down these amazing rivers will be comfortable and memorable..

And if you come in November and December, your  trout filled float might finish off with a BIG SURPRISE.  During these months, bright and big King Salmon haunt the last few pools of two of the premier floats ending only a mile from the lodge.

Mid to the end of march is the “Brahma” or the roaring rutt of the big red deer.  For a shot at one of these and some great seasons end fishing, this is the time.  From the 15th of april til the end of the season, this lodge offers the traveling angler a shot a Cast and Blast, with pheasants, huge hares and wild geese.

For the comfortable adventurer, its all here in a family run operation guiding sportsmen en Coyhaique for the last 20 years. Trout, Salmon, Pheasants, Hares, Geese, Deer, and even Jabali—or just the spectacular scenery that encompasses all of the above—no matter what you are chasing, the Confluence has it all at your doorstep.

Maximum 8 guests in well appointed, well attended lodge, and well located lodge that will keep you comng back.

 CONTACT US!  to catch your best trip to Coyhaique

Start and end your fishing days on the best locations in Coyhaique.
All inclusive from Destination airport Balmaceda BMC

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