Golden Dorado

Golden Dorado

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We are very excited to contact you regarding a brand new fishing project for golden dorado we have just started, and will begin operations around mid october of this year.

After careful research over the past years and the current one, and a long time addiction to golden dorado, we have decided on starting a new fishing operation targeting this amazing fish, as well as other great value species such as pacu, pira pita, taratira, boga, etc.

Being ourselves repeat visitors at several well known locations of Parana river system in its different parts of Argentina, we have encountered over the years that many factors can/could affect/change/ruin/improve its fishing, and with that, location becoming a key factor in the success or not of a trip.

Important rain in big tributaries of Paraná river could change all, same as what goes on at Brazil or Paraguay, not to mention water level.

Having several guide friends who grew up in this regions, a common answer has been repeatly heard: MOBILITY IS THE KEY.

If you could move up or down river according to seasons, rains, dry or drought weather,  arrival or movement of bait fish, sabalo and boga migrations, and many other, you have the KEY TO SOME OF THE BEST FISHING the Paraná river system has to offer.

We tried it ourselves, camping and moving in small boats. Renting vehicles and moving north or south, as we made a bunch of calls and reports of great fishing 20, 30, 50, 80, 100 km up or down river were heard; may be “mojarra” or “sabalo” arriving big time in certains spots, a certain tributary fishing off the charts, etc, etc, and the results were great.

With all that in mind, we thought this was a breakthrough idea. Offering something completely different from any other dorado fishing outfitter program in Argentina.

That´s why we are happy to inform that we are starting a totally new dorado fishing operation with a Mother Ship set up, for a maximum of 8 anglers, equiped with four (4) top of the line flyfishing boats (two casting decks, remote control operated electrical engine), which we have just aquired.

The Mother ship has four (4) fully equiped bedroom, with airconditioning, for two anglers per room, with en suite bathrooms, a very nice living room and dinning room, beautiful upper deck for outside lunches/dinners, internet service,  and all the confort and services of a first class fishing lodge.

Our goal will be to provide service as encountered at Estancia Laguna Verde. There´s going to be a chef, making sure every meal is a memorable one. A personally choosen wide selection of very good and unique wines of Argentina (both my father and me do that personally in the winter, sometimes taking it a little too seriously!).

A waiter/bartender will be making sure that each guest has his/her glass full with their choice, from our full open bar

The options are almost unlimited. This operation can be totally right for hardcore “all day long” anglers, looking for some of the biggest dorados Paraná river and its huge system can provide. It also can be perfect for couples looking to relax and have a great time combining fishing with all the enjoyment of the vast wildlife in the area. The husband can go fishing, while we take the wife for a tour to a near town, or just hang out at the mother ship, and be treated with a great massage and cocktails, sunbathing and enjoying a nice view stationing at a nice white sand river bank. Cast and blast programs, fishing in the mornings and shooting doves and pigeons in the evening. Birdwatching for some of the widest and most varied bird “list” Argentina can offer, to name a few.

Combinations are multiple, and can be customized and tailored with great detail. Since there will be 4 guides and 4 boats. One pair could be going hardcore fishing, while another couple could be going sight seeing and birdwatching and may be just fish a few hours. Other pair of anglers could fish near the Mother Ship, start early and come back to the mother ship for a nice lunc and a siesta with the AC running at full force in their room, resting their arms for the afternoon shift.

Same flexibility will aply to getting in and out. In the Parana river area there´s a very good road system, and with a short boat ride in our “transfer boat”, and transfer vehicle waiting there, we can get in and out of airports, that most confortable suit guests.

Airports of Resistencia and Corrientes will be two of the most used ones.

Attached go a few images of what we talking about.

Hope you like the idea and would be interested in joining us, and trust us with your clients, as you´ve done with Estancia Laguna Verde.

We are very excited about this new operation and what it can offer to every guest visiting us.

We are looking at a first season“start rate” of U$S 3950 a week. Shorter programs are available.


Im sure you will have several questions, which it would be a pleasure to answer via email or skype anytime convenient for you.

All the best.


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